Post Hurricane Update

Hello everyone.  Well somehow my boat made it through the storm and my entire family is in good health.  Unfortunately my parents house, like a lot of others in Port St Joe, did not fare as well and is a total loss.  We are working toward getting their house gutted and rebuilt.  Luckily, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, linesmen, law enforcement and the national guard; the recovery of Port St Joe and Cape San Blas is progressing nicely.  It will still be a long road to total recovery.  

I plan to be back on the water some next week to scout the bay and Indian Pass.  I’m sure things have changed some but the fishing should be excellent.  I will be posting updates and hopefully I can get clients back out there in the next few weeks to a month.  Lodging is obviously an issue right now for all of you wanting to come fish but if someone would like to drive in for the day or stay in the surrounding areas it just might work.  I’ll know more over the next few weeks.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone that has reached out, way too many to name.  Everyone has offered support, resources and a place to stay.  I have the best clients in the world, not only clients but true friends.  

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