Son Nets Dad’s Big Redfish!

Ben’s First Redfish!

Young Henry’s First Fishing Trip!

Jill’s First Ever Sight Fished Red!

Henry Makes A Perfect Cast!

Dolphin Goes Airborne In My Boat Wake!

Hammerhead Shark Feeding!

Jay Puts It On An Indian Pass Redfish!!

Danny’s Redfish Tries To Hide In The Moss!

Sight Fishing Is Awesome!!

Schooling Reds!


Huge Tailing Black Drum!!

Donnie Got A Big One!!

Lynn Has Too Much Fun Catching Reds!!

Paul Gettin’ After It!!

PJ’s First Ever Redfish!

Tailin’ Redfish Are Awesome!!

Ultra Skinny Water Redfish!!

Lynn Can Catch Redfish!!

Finn’s 11th Redfish!!

Wyatt’s Big Redfish!!

Tripled Up On Redfish!!

7 Year Old Avery Catching A Redfish!!

Black Tip Shark Fun!!

Big 24″ St Joe Bay Trout!!

Having Too Much Fun With Redfish!!

Catching Reds In Clear Water Is Awesome!!

Nothin’ Better Than Skinny Water Reds!!

December Redfishing At It’s Best!!!

Kirk Sight Fished A Nice Red!!!

Cody’s Indian Pass Tarpon!!!!

Big Triple Tail Coming In!!

Tiger Shark Eating A Turtle!

Grady’s Over Slot Redfish Gave Him All He Wanted!!

Joel got a nice red!!

Gracie’s First Ever Redish!

Giant Black Drum!!!!!

A Little Redfish Action To Get You Fired Up!!

Caden’s Oversize Redfish!

Reece’s Big Sheepshead!!

Young Jackson’s Big Trigger Fish!!

Television appearance on Anglers and Appetites; FOX Sports!

Hunting Scallops in St Joe Bay!

Frank’s First Tarpon!  Indian Pass Florida

Capt Dan and Capt Steve Catching Redfish on St Joe Bay!

Indian Pass Shark Fishing!

Cape San Blas                    Port St Joe                     Indian Pass                    St. Joe Bay

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